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Driven by innovation and ingenuity, we enable your growth through technology
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Fuel Your Digital Growth with Our Expertise in Technology
We are a premium managed service provider trusted by businesses from
across the world. Driven by innovation and ingenuity, we
enable your growth through technology.
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What We Can Help You With

On a mission to help businesses embrace technology and thrive with it, we offer a complete spectrum of services as a managed IT service provider.

SK Cloud is a proud Salesforce ISV partner and managed cloud service provider. We work with businesses—big and small—to harness the power of Salesforce for boosting customer satisfaction, sales and marketing cloud, detailed analytics, and a lot more!

Leverage the Salesforce platform with SK Cloud’s specialists.

As a recognized provider for azure cloud services, SK Cloud brings you the promise of efficiency and satisfaction while utilizing Microsoft platforms effectively. Whether it’s about migration to AWS and integration or about cloud strategy and development, we have the most advanced solutions for you!

Trust the qualified experts at SK Cloud to fuel your digital growth with an innovative dimension.

Powered by the trust of hundreds of happy clients, SK Cloud offers credible and accurate quality assurance services to build flawless products. If you aim to meet the highest standards of quality for your product/service, then we will deliver the best results through our IT quality assurance services.

Choose our holistic automation testing services to augment the experiences you create.

Optimize your business strategy and capitalize on powerful insights with SK Cloud’s complete suite of data analytics services. We are committed to fuelling your business forward by modernizing the workflows and decision-making through data. Make the best use of every insight and build an agile business framework.

Find answers to all your data woes with SK Cloud’s sophisticated solutions.

SK Cloud is not only a premium Salesforce consulting partner but is also a reputed name in the software development domain. With multi-platform custom app development solutions, tailor-made website design, blockchain development, and GUI planning, we offer a range of services to boost your online business.

Add a greater fillip to your business with our custom mobile and web solutions.

Why Trust SK Cloud

We are the enablers of your growth in the digital age.

We are a complete managed IT service provider dedicated to your digital transformation. Working with a team of trained and talented professionals to provide a diverse array of services, SK Cloud is an all-in-one solution for technical requirements.

From azure services and automation testing to Salesforce platform consultancy and web development, we help you leverage the power of automation, cloud computing, and data with our expertise.

With a leading portfolio of partners, we are well-equipped to deliver top-notch results.  


We aim to facilitate digital transformation by accelerating innovation for businesses across the globe through our focus on delivering creative and quality solutions.


We are on a mission to enhance customer experience and take our clients from a place of desire to a place of success through bringing our vision to life.


Rooted in integrity and trust, SK Cloud is driven by a strong set of values. Collectively known as SAILA, our value system reflects the culture and character we are striving to inculcate in our team.

  • Smart minds – SK Cloud is a group of knowledgeable, qualified, and proficient individuals working on the same wavelength to leverage their skillsets collectively.
  • Adaptability – equipped with the latest technologies, we are a team of experts capable of facing every challenge and hurdle with a headstrong mindset.
  • Innovative thoughts – motivated by curiosity and propelled by a spirit for exploration, SK Cloud represents an assimilation of futuristic ideation.
  • Loyalty – at the very core of our workflow lies a steadfast feeling of loyalty alongside the promise of committed service beyond time.
  • Achievement – bringing customer satisfaction and fast-tracking digital transformation are the two key ideals of success we believe in.

What Makes Us Different? – SAILA

Rooted in integrity and trust, SK Cloud is driven by a strong set of values, forming the core of our organization. SAILA represents the culture and character embedded in our business practices.

Smart Minds

We are a team of knowledgeable individuals, highly proficient in the field, striving to leverage our skills for our clients.


With a diverse team and the latest technological sources, we are always ready to attune to the competitive business environment.

Innovative Thoughts

At the crux of our services lies the thought process of innovativeness and ideation for a better tomorrow.


With a promise to deliver in time and provide end-to-end solutions, our loyalty extends beyond successful implementation.


Fulfilling client requirements and conducting a thriving digital transformation define our feeling of achievement.

Highest Quality, Guaranteed Success

Get more insights into the work we deliver through these case studies about our satisfied clients.



Single View of Customer – Community Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Einstein Analytics SK has built an end user engagement application



The client, a non-profit organization based in the UK, is looking for a partner who can help them achieve some significant enhancements.



Digital Transformation – Community Cloud, Service Cloud SK successfully implemented Salesforce Customer Community

Customer Success

Building our reputation as a customer-centric MSP highlights our aspirations to deliver customer satisfaction and success. We work synergistically with every customer to understand their needs and supplement their efforts with our expertise.

Data Security​

In a world running on data, we strive to protect all our customer data in the Salesforce platform with complete confidentiality. Prioritizing trust and authenticity means we will safeguard all your data with integrity.

Proven Performance

From automation testing services to Salesforce partner program, we have meticulously developed detailed workflows for proven results. We deliver efficiency, engagement, and growth at cost-effective prices to empower your business.

Quality assurance

A recognized provider of quality assurance services, SK Cloud aspires to make your product better and more successful through an elaborate QA framework. Find the most authentic and constructive insights for your product/service testing from our qualified professionals.