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Utility Industry

Digital Transformation - Community Cloud, Service Cloud SK successfully implemented Salesforce Customer Community, resulting in an efficient and effective customer service platform for Client.

Client Overview

The client is one of the most famous household utility company that has a large customer base and has been providing various products for the customers' utilization increasing their reputation, brand value, and similar customer base and their loyalty.

Client Pain points:
  • The client was releasing a new, utility product and they were expecting to receive lots of interest in it.
  • The client needed a place for the users of this new product to leave suggestions and comments, as well as ask questions, that would not overload their support team.
  • The client also wanted to create brand loyalty around this new product.
  • After considering all of their requirements, SK suggested to the Client that Salesforce Customer Communities best fit their needs.
Our Solutions:
  • SK began the Salesforce Customer Communities implementation process with discovery calls to better understand Client’ needs and what they were looking for in a Salesforce solution.
  • Once SK had a comprehensive understanding of the Client’s Salesforce requirements, we began developing their Customer Community to meet their specifications by setting up features such as security, assignment rules, and sharing models.
  • The most important aspect for making Salesforce Customer Communities a success for Client, however, was creating a place where their customers could ask questions and post suggestions.
What we achieved:
  • The Client’s Salesforce Community is set up, so a question can be escalated to a Case and the Client’s internal support will take action.
  • By using Chatter Answers and Ideas, Client customers can check the status of their suggestions and get the answers they need, and the Client can allocate their support resources elsewhere.
  • SK has completed development, reviewed the customizations with the Client to make sure we met their requirements.
  • SK trained Client on how to manage their community, as well as led a branding review session to teach Client how they could incorporate their product’s brand into their Salesforce Community
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Omni Channel – Service Cloud, Customer Community, Integration SK has enhanced the Service Cloud and Implemented a customer community, and knowledge base to enable self-service for a leading Retail Company

Client Overview

The client is one of the most famous and biggest retail company that has a large customer base and has been serving the customers with home and electrical appliances, furniture clothing and leisure items, thereby has a huge customer base and their loyalty.

Client Pain points:

The client needed to source a better way of engaging and interacting with their customer and enabling self-service capabilities

  • To implement a central repository for staff to access customer inquiries
  • To re-platform the legacy knowledge management system and transition to Salesforce to utilize new technology, and retire older, obsolete products
  • Enable customers to self-serve, as well as raised questions
  • Enable the ability for specific internal teams to process inquiries containing sensitive security information
Our Solutions:

SK proposed a solution that not only enabled self-service but also leveraged their existing Salesforce Service Cloud investment

  • SK provided strong business engagement with the client to ensure that the solution removed key pain points for the organization and took advantage of the capabilities included with Salesforce
  • Utilised declarative programming as much as possible to provide succinctness and improve readability and usability
  • Lightning components were used where possible to enhance the user interface
What we achieved:

The solution provided increased processing efficiency and customer engagement through a revamped knowledge platform and enhanced user interface

  • The retirement of obsolete products and streamlined service to cut unnecessary costs
  • Engagement with a larger audience segment through the addition of self-service options and the ability to ask questions
  • Uplift in staff efficiency by providing a 360 view of the customers, and their inquiries, all in the one platform
  • Overall, we provided an engaging customer interface platform which enhanced usage frequencies and customer experience
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Hospitality Industry

Single View of Customer - Community Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Einstein Analytics SK has built an end user engagement application built on Salesforce enhancing the user’s experience on the Customer Community enabling them to have a single view of customer and ability to access multiple product solutions with a single click.

Client Overview

The client is one of the biggest product based company that provides end to end and best in class solutions for hospitality industry across Europe and USA. The client has a huge customer base with the end users using their wide range of their products.

Client Pain points:

The client needed to create a central repository for customers and end-users, to provide visibility of all customers/end-users being managed between multiple business units/locations

  • Creation of a frictionless communications tool to take customer communications from a blend of messages, announcements, notifications, tasks and facilitate communication across the locations
  • Creation of a single view of information across locations to streamline and measure sales (analytics)
  • Provide a collaboration tool for teams to share ideas, wins and opportunities with each other outside of their geography
  • Uplift the process for Sales teams to collaborate, share ideas and work with the Brand teams
Our Solutions:

SK took a broad view of the engagement meeting with global technology leadership and established the guiding principle of ‘no customization’, which meant SK had to be innovative in crafting the solution

  • Over a 4three-month period SK used an agile approach to deliver on two key themes: Remediation of the existing Salesforce platform & Creation of the B2B CRM solution
  • Remediation of the existing Salesforce Org was necessary as several different suppliers had conducted changes on the platform.
  • SK’s commitment to quality meant bringing the code back up to standard and establishing an acceptable level of controls and procedures over environments
  • SK’s agile team used a blend of onshore and offshore team members to deliver the functionality for the CRM project in several sprints
What we achieved:

SK delivered a quality CRM implementation, 100% on time and on budget

  • SK delivered a quality CRM implementation, 100% on time and on budget
  • Data management & delivery of instant insights and recommendations
  • Intelligently captures customer emails & communication with less email and phone queries
  • Simplifies repetitive tasks & improved collaboration between departments
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Quick Start Implementation - Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Data.com SK has done a Quick Start Implementation for the client and implemented Sales and Service Cloud in the most efficient way using the standard out of box features in accordance with the Client’s business requirements.

Client Overview

Client is a product based company that deliver products to Automotive industry. They service for large organizations locally, nationwide, and at events around the world. They offer an array of technical and creative services, as well as highlight state-of-the-art inventory, which features the latest in automotive technology.

Client Pain points:
  • Client was transitioning from being a product-focused organization to a sales-focused organization.
  • They had no customer relationship management system in place and they were using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel(or legacy systems) to manage their leads and customers.
  • Client was looking for a system that would help them become a sales-focused company and that would provide better organizational and reporting capabilities.
  • Client decided to implement Salesforce because it would support their transition and help them better manage their accounts, track their events, and allow them to monitor account activity.
Our Solutions:
  • In order to ensure a successful implementation, SK began the implementation process with a series of discovery calls with Client to understand their business processes and learn their Salesforce requirements.
  • After learning about Client and their Salesforce needs, SK customized Salesforce to fit Client’s business, including changing the date field to include event date, booking date, and closing date, as well as integrating with Microsoft Outlook. In addition to setting up Salesforce, we also configured Data.com and imported their leads and accounts from Microsoft Excel into Salesforce.
  • In addition to setting up Salesforce, we also configured Data.com and imported their leads and accounts from Microsoft Excel into Salesforce.
  • Once the implementations were complete, we trained Client users on how to use Salesforce and on Salesforce best practices. In addition to general training, we also had a training session dedicated to teaching Client how to use Salesforce Reports.
  • During that session, we reviewed which reports would be the most appropriate and useful for Client to use, as well as explained how to generate reports and make report customizations.
What we achieved:
  • Client Productions is actively using Salesforce and it is customized to fit their business needs
  • Client’s data was successfully imported into Data.com and is linked with Salesforce
  • Salesforce provides reporting capabilities, allowing Client to run reports on all of their data to help them monitor account activity
  • Client is able to manage both their database and their full sales cycle within Salesforce and they no longer need to use multiple applications to manage different aspects of their business
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Financial Services/ Banking

SK has enhanced the existing implementation of Sales Cloud Service Cloud and helped the client to digitalize their end-to-end processes across both their B2B and B3C businesses.

Client Overview

The client is a famous banking and payments technology company enabling consumers, business and banking sectors to have the most sophisticated solution across the countries and territories worldwide.

Client Pain points:
  • Our client has chosen Salesforce as their primary business support tool for customer-facing staff in their call centers, stores, partner organizations, and sales teams
  • There are a number of Salesforce projects at the client with a key unifying theme of improving customer centricity, speed to value, and productivity through digitization
  • Client was looking for a system that would help them become a sales-focused company and that would provide better reporting capabilities.
Our Solutions:
  • SK created a transformational roadmap to maximize their Salesforce investment, ensure security, and meet organizational compliance
  • Strong business engagement by the architecture team with the business to ensure that the solution removed key pain points for the organization and took advantage of the capabilities included with Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud licenses
  • Integration and security approach determined by the Architecture team for the existing marketing automation and data warehouse solutions
  • Design of new complaints and compensation management solution utilizing Service Cloud Email to Case and SLA management functionality
What we achieved:

The solution delivered an improved uptake of Salesforce, resulting in better data quality and improved business insights

  • Improved communications between sales, legal, and customer onboarding teams
  • Better sales pipeline information being entered into the system and improved communications between Sales, Legal, and customer onboarding teams
  • Reduction in complexity for the complaint management team allowing them to focus on resolving the customer’s issue through improved automation and less re-keying
  • The solution was delivered to meet the client’s security standards and ensure structural separation was preserved
  • De-risk contract management process by better understanding the contractual obligations across a portfolio of customers
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Lead and Opportunity Management – Sales Cloud, CTI Integration SK has enhanced the existing CRM implementation to implement an efficient Lead to Opportunity conversion and Management along with a CTI Integration.

Client Overview

An international pharmaceutical company, which is one of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company has been using the Salesforce Platform for several years with basic out of box set up.

Client Pain points:
  • Client was looking for opportunities to simplify the representative call logging and Territory allocation
  • Identify opportunities for 15% TCO reduction
  • GPs and Practice database management
  • Call Logging on Single and multiple Attendees
  • Performance Tracking and KPIs
Our Solutions:
  • SK analyzed the portfolio of 20,000+ practitioners from different perspectives to identify Account allocation to the Reps country wide
  • Refined current IT roadmap in strategic areas to address aforesaid issues
  • Prioritized different identified opportunities in a time-boxed manner for MSD to implement it BenefitsSK identified >25% in savings compared to target of 15%
  • Savings were identified through a range of strategies including: Consolidation, Right allocation and operational excellence
  • 90% of savings through consolidation, 7% through simplification and the remaining through other strategies
What we achieved:
  • Maintain database of Practices, Practitioners, Institutions, and Pharmacies
  • Managing Affiliations between Practitioners and Institutions
  • Allocating Accounts based on territories to Sales Reps for detailing
  • Call Recording based on Single Attendee and Multiple Attendee with create New Contract and mobile call logging system
  • Expense management for Reps with Approval process
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